Trigon Property Development postpones general meeting

An extraordinary general meeting of the listed Estonian real estate company Trigon Property Development AS originally scheduled for September 25 has been postponed until October 16.

The agenda of the meeting includes the supervisory board's proposal to recall Martin Mets from the supervisory board of the company and appoint Torfinn Losvik as a new member with powers lasting for five years starting from the decision of the general meeting.

Torfinn Losvik is a Norwegian citizen, active in the Estonian business scene since 1998. Losvik has extensive management experience from manufacturing related companies, such as CEO positions at Marat AS and Finnwear OY and chairman of the supervisory board at Patricia Group OY. He does not own any shares of AS Trigon Property Development but Stetind OU, a company 100 percent owned by Losvik, owns 46.99 percent of shares in OU Trigon Wood that owns 59.62 percent of AS Trigon Property Development shares.

The deadline of closing the list of shareholders entitled to vote at the general meeting will be October 9, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

Trigon Property Development is a listed on the additional list of the Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange and was founded in 2007 as a result of the division of AS Viisnurk. The company is currently dealing with the development of a property in Parnu, where it plans to establish commercial real estate for logistics, stock management and light industry.