Real estate catalogue "Kvadrātmetrs"

Periodicity: once in a month
Format: A4+(202 x 278) mm
Edition: 3500 copies
Number of pages: 80-150
Amount of ads: 1500-5000
Color: full color
The last day of advertisements acceptance: 7 working days before catalog's forthcoming
Distribution: in retail press distribution network (Plus Punkts, Narvesens, Rimi, Statoil, Sky, Preses serviss, Maxima),
in specialized exhibitions and other events
Language: Latvian or Russian (by the advertiser's choice)

Description of Edition

"Kvadrātmetrs" - catalog about current real estate market offers in Latvia and other countries. Ads about sell and rent of apartments, houses, land

"Kvadrātmetrs" - edition convenient to the consumer, with qualitative printing performance and democratic pricing of advertising services

Edition has several advantages:

  • constant uptading of information;
  • overview of real estate market;
  • convenient search system;
  • precise and convenient rubric system.


  • design and building;
  • briefly on the main about real estate sphere abroad