Advertisement / Prices and parameters

Size Ilustration Format Price EUR 2 Weeks* Price EUR 1 month.*
Gigabaner all pages 1090x140px Ilustration JPG, GIF, Flash, HTML 200 330
Search baner first page 533x120px Ilustration JPG, GIF, Flash, HTML 85 155
Ad list banner 640x120px Ilustration JPG, GIF, Flash, HTML 100 185
Mini baner 200x90px Ilustration JPG, GIF, Flash, HTML 90 165
Square banner 200x200px Ilustration JPG, GIF, Flash, HTML 110 200
Tower banner 200x280px Ilustration JPG, GIF, Flash, HTML 130 145

* Prices shown without 21% VAT

Ad placement

In users can place 1 FREE ad by registering.

Advertisement insertion costs per month 0,50 eiro + VAT.

We can offer special prices for businesses and individual users:

Payments are being made on monthly basis – or if user prefers for entire period together. If necessary, we can provide ad linking with with users web page.

Users may also place ads in local news pages like and

For more detailed infomration about ads and magazine Kvadratmetrs you can find out via mail: , or by phone: +371 67814955.

Position you ad

After the ad insertion registered users can highlight their advertisement via SMS services. SMS text and phone number to which to send text is available in individual users e-mail. Brokers can get this information on personal account.

  1. Move ad in the first place of the list - price of the service: 1.35 EUR (including VAT 21%)
  2. Highlight the ad with a different background color - price: € 0.50 (including 21% tax)
  3. Highlight the ad with bold text - price: € 0.50 (including 21% tax)